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Part 5: Pumpkin-Flavored Doughnuts

Zombie thumb is not entirely thrilled about the prospect of seeing this project through before Halloween, but it can’t be helped. 頑張れ、ゾンビの親指。。。

"Covered in a luxurious glaze made from domestic kuri-kabocha. Topped with an original paste using Hokkaido kabocha and seeds.

As I noted in Part 1, Japan likes its kabocha but isn’t really big on the pumpkin and spice flavor. Kabocha, like most orange squash, pairs well with miso, soy sauce, mitsuba, and other savory Japanese flavors, but it’s also quite good with sugar and spice. Kabocha in desserts like manjû and tarts are popular in Japan, too, but I’ve heard it just doesn’t work well as a pumpkin substitute in pumpkin pie–something about the texture is off.


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