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I spent my first New Year’s holidays in Japan this year in my tiny town entertaining my traveling companion who came to visit me from America. I really wanted to serve something Japanese, but since most osechi meals are meant for a family of four or more and it was just the two of us, I decided to make two simple traditional dishes for us to enjoy.  Because we would be traveling before New Year’s and fresh seafood would not keep that long, I settled on dishes with shelf-safe ingredients: zenzai (ぜんざい), a sweet New Year’s soup made of azuki beans (小豆) and toasted mochi (もち、餅),  and sekihan (お赤飯), a celebratory dish of azuki beans and mochi rice (mochigome, もち米) (a glutinous rice used to make mochi, not the regular white rice served in most Japanese meals). *

Zenzai does not photograph well.

Every meal has a story, and while the making of these dishes wasn’t particularly riveting, the purchase of the mochi rice really stuck (haha) with me.


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