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Generally speaking, the winters where I live now aren’t any worse than the winters I spent in Michigan. It snows from December to March, which is an actually an improvement on the last two places I lived, where we always seemed to get our last snow in early May. The low is around 0 C. On paper, that looks normal, even acceptable to me, and I was really looking forward to winter after the (typically) hellishly hot August we had.*

This November, it’s been around about 12-16 C most days (18 if we’re very lucky), and 0-10 degrees most nights. When you have central heating, that’s nothing. Last November in Michigan, I had to wear a scarf, gloves, and jacket because I spent a lot of time waiting for buses and walking around outside. Until it starting snowing in December, I could usually rock a light cardigan, tank top, jeans and unlined boots or sneakers with the coat and be perfectly happy. But Japan doesn’t really do central heating. Western-style hotels and some large buildings tend to go that route, but homes—even new ones—and regular workplaces do not.

So what’s that like?


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