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Image via EthnoConnect. Quote: Helen Kim, “Asianized Asians”

Image via Are Women Human, via EthnoConnect. Quote: Helen Kim, “Asianized Asians.”

Last month, the excellent blog Are Women Human? called out the beauty company Cibu International over their “Asian-inspired” line of products–not the typical “cherry blossom perfume” and “seaweed face mask” but products with names like

“Miso Knotty Detangler,” “Geishalicious Shampoo,” “Take Out Clarifying Shampoo,” “Shang High Mousse,” “Spring Roll Hydrating Cleanser,” “Ancient Veil Oil Mist,” “Hi-Ya! Keratin Reconstructive Conditioner,” “Washabi 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo,” and “Dry Kwon Do Dry Shampoo”– are based on the cultural misappropriation and reduction of Asian culture to a handful of puns, food references, and simplistic and Orientalist stereotypes. (from the petition)

"Miso Knotty Detangler." Via Cibu International.

“Miso Knotty Detangler.” Via Cibu International.


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