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Honey & Honey: A Girls’ Love Couple (『ハニーとハニー honey & honey: 女の子どうしのラブ・カップル』)
By Sachiko TAKEUCHI (竹内佐千子)
Published by Media Factory (メディアファクトリー)
950 yen

“Hello, my name is Sachiko Takeuchi. First of all, I have a lover, Masako. Masako is a woman….and, of course, I’m also a woman. So, basically, I’m a lesbian” (p. 4).*

Sachiko (left): Has liked girls since middle school. Favorite food: sweet potato yokan. Masako (right): Likes men and women. Favorite food: okonomiyaki.

I like to think that Sachiko Takeuchi’s Honey & Honey is for the lesbian/bi women/WlW population what Saori Oguri’s My Darling is a Foreigner (『ダーリンは外国人』)  is to those in international marriages. Both published by Media Factory, these manga take a humorous approach to life as romantic minorities, highlighting both the problems and the benefits to the author’s relationships and their interactions with Japanese society.



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Part 1: The Sexual Revolution Within the Ôoku

There’s a line in Volume 1 that really defines the larger work of Ôoku, where a character notes that the men there kept like goldfish: a luxury item to have simply for the sake of having. For the third and (part of) the fourth volumes of Ôoku, I’d like to shift the focus from the narrative itself to the larger cultural issues presented in the volume. No work of art or literature exists in a vacuum, and the third and fourth volumes of Ôoku address the present issue of “herbivore men” and their counterpart, “carnivore women.” Unlike Otomen, though, the story of Ôoku is not directly about this issue, but there’s no denying the connection between contemporary culture and the work. The content of this volume is largely meant to explain the changes in Japanese (alternate history) culture caused by the Red Pox, or how the culture in the world that Yoshinaga created evolved from the Shogunate of Iemitsu to that of Yoshimune.

I’d like to address this in multiple parts—first the sexual revolution within the ôoku; next, the changing political and social world; and finally the lasting cultural impact that the revolutions within and without the castle have on the world. The issues addressed here are fairly lengthy, so I’ve divided up Part 1 into subsections. Spoilers are a given; also, one image contains some potentially NSFW cleavage.


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