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At the end of my long-awaited return to civilization, a.k.a., Kansai, I decided to visit Exciting Shiga, Land of Hikonyan(!). Although I had lived near Osaka while studying abroad, I had never been to nearby Shiga 滋賀県, in part due to lack of knowledge, and in part due to lack of funds. But now that my life as a poor student is over, I want to really explore Japan during the time I’m living here.

Ducks in Biwako

Most expats and tourists to Japan have one thing they really love about “old Japan” and try to get their fill of while here: Japanese theater, temples and shrines, festivals, castles, etc. I’m more of a festival and shrine person, myself, but I’m trying to expand my horizons and learn more about Japanese castles and periods in which they were built and thrived, and Hikone Castle seemed like a good place to start while in the area.


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