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There is in existence a film in which Robert Englund (yep, Freddie) plays the iconic movie monster the Phantom of the Opera. The 1989 Phantom of the Opera is a hilarious, half 80s AU retelling that I saw on Hulu sometime in fall 2014 (doesn’t seem to be there anymore). It was the bad movie I needed and deserved.

On her series Loose Canon, film critic and producer Lindsey Ellis reviews this gem as part of a two-part discussion of Phantom, in which she dissects the character of Erik (The Phantom), as depicted in the novel and ensuing adaptations, pre- and post-Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera musical.


Cover image for Lindsey Ellis’s Loose Canon: The Phantom of the Opera Part 1: Before Broadway [red background, features Lindsey Ellis looking to the left, thinking, and an image of Lon Chaney’s silent film version of Phantom]


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