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Ooku 2-205

Ooku, Vol. 2, p. 205

Image via TBS.

Ooku, Ep. 3. Ain’t no party like an ooku drag party… Image via TBS

Hello to my new readers from d-addicts, where my blog was linked on the Ôoku drama thread. I know I’m rather behind on the write-ups, but I do hope you enjoy them as I get them out.

Episode 2 recap here. For other past posts about the films, manga, and drama, see the Ôoku category.

Warning: spoilers, rape, violence.

I’m a great fan of stories (regardless of medium) that make me experience a range of complex and subtle emotions. Or, as one might say, something that hits me right in the feels. The events of Vol. 2, Ch. 4 in the manga–Ep. 3 in the drama (aired 26 Oct. 2012)– are the precursor to a truly epic emotional roller coaster.


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A run-down and thoughts on the drama Ôoku: Tanjô, episode 1 (aired 12 Oct. 2012 at 22:00 on TBS). Spoilers!

Arikoto (Ôoku Vol. 2, p. 81)


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The official trailers for Ôoku: Tanjô and Ôoku: Eien have both been released. (For the full index of posts on the series, see here.)

Ôoku: Tanjô (Iemitsu/Arikoto)


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Finally! I’ve been waiting and waiting for some teaser photos from the new Ôoku TV series (Ôoku Tanjô, Oct. 2012) and film (Ôoku Eien, Dec. 2012), and here they are! (Full index of posts on the series here.)

TBS Drama. Ôoku: Tanjô (Arikoto/Iemitsu) (『大奥:誕生』[[有功・家光篇]). Release date: Oct. 2012.

“The Shogun is a woman; her retainers are 3000 beautiful men….” Photo from TBS: http://ohoku.jp/eien/index.html


Let me talk about effective uses of visual media for marketing to potential viewers and to rabid fans. When you release the first promotional photos into the wild, you want your audience to have an immediate all-caps reaction Tumblr-style:


John Barrowman after David Tennant kissed him at ComicCon


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Image from news.livedoor.com

Followers of this blog know both how much I love Yoshinaga Fumi’s Ôoku (男女逆転大奥)–both the 2010 film version of vol. 1 (Yoshimune-Mizuno) and especially the Iemitsu-Arikoto story arc in vols. 2-4 (full index here). One of my Yoshinaga-fan friends and I have often talked about how great it would be if there were movies or a TV show of the other story arcs in the manga, particularly the Iemitsu arc, and now our wish has been granted. The Arikoto-Iemitsu storyline (vol. 2-4) will be made into a serial drama to be aired on TBS starting in October 2012, and the Emonosuke-Tsunayoshi arc (vol. 4-6) will be made into a film, which will open in theaters nationwide on Dec. 22, 2012, after the airing of the drama finishes.

There are some spoilers below, so be warned.


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Part 3: The New Culture

Image from Amazon.co.jp

In the final installment of my look at the cultural revolution during Iemitsu’s reign in Yoshinaga Fumi’s manga 『大奥』 (Ôoku), I’d like to explore the political and cultural changes to the (female) Iemitsu’s Edo through the connection between fashion and political power.


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