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Photos taken at “From Hiroshima to Hope” Floating Lantern Ceremony, which honors those who died in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and all victims of violence. Green Lake Park, Seattle, August 6, 2013.

…We shall try to say no single word which should appeal to one group rather than to another. All, equally, are in peril, and, if the peril is understood, there is hope that they may collectively avert it.

Genbaku Dome Hiroshima @ The Lobster Dance

Genbaku Dome, Hiroshima, 2011

We have to learn to think in a new way. We have to learn to ask ourselves, not what steps can be taken to give military victory to whatever group we prefer, for there no longer are such steps; the question we have to ask ourselves is: what steps can be taken to prevent a military contest of which the issue must be disastrous to all parties?


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