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On Silver Week 2012, I went hiking in Kamikochi, heading on a relatively easy path to Myojin-ike (明神池).

Myojin-ike @ The Lobster Dance


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Photos take at Kenrokuen, Kanazawa, 17 Nov. 2012.

Text: selections from「金沢の雨」(Kanazawa no Ame) by Miyuki Kawanaka (川中美幸) (my translation)

東京言葉と 加賀なまり
I love Tokyo words with a Kaga accent


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Part 3: Halloween Tea is the Best Tea

Back to food!

My favorite chain tea store in Japan is Lupicia Tea. Last September, I went to the Nagoya Les Grande Marche de Thes and bought enough tea (3000 yen’s worth) to qualify for the tea of the month club. My favorite tea from Lupicia is the seasonal Halloween tea, a blend of sweet potato, chestnuts, kabocha, and rooibos tea called いもくりかぼ茶 (imokurikabo-cha).

Lupicia Tea, Kanazawa Forus


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