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In which our heroine returns to Kyoto.

I’m sure that those of you out there who have moved between regions or states (or what have you) of your home country have experienced in-country culture shock. Moving from a Midwestern suburb to a private school out west was a huge culture shock for me, and, yes, I CAN hear you humming “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Four years ago, I lived as a student in Osaka, and I knew that when I got my placement all the way out in the country that it would be very different. I’d be driving a car; there wouldn’t be a nice train line that ran nearly all night; and good luck finding Western food at the grocery.

And yet, I love it here. I love the scenery, the people, and even my creaky old apartment. I want to thrive here. By when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a five-day-weekend, a trip to Kyoto to stay with a grad school friend was too glorious to refuse. Kyoto, where the trains go everywhere! Kyoto, where the dialect is mostly comprehensible!

Kyoto, where I have hardcore culture shock!


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