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Photo from the Asahi Shimbun.

I’ve been a Hanagumi and Tsukigumi fan from the start of my experiences with Takarazuka, but this year it seems like I keep ending up at Soragumi shows. I started this year with Soragumi (Casablanca, 『カサブランカ』) and I ended it with Soragumi (For Whom the Bell Tolls,『誰がために鐘は鳴る』). Even though I didn’t have feelings one way or the other about the group when I rang in the new year, I did remember how much I had liked the top star, Oozora Yuuhi (大空祐飛), in Tsukigumi’s Rome at Dawn (『暁のローマ』). Rome at Dawn is a rock opera based on Julius Caesar, and, despite being a strange (but loveable) show, it was a showcase of rising stars. I don’t know why, but most of the named roles ended up doing well for themselves in the theatre. Hiromu Kiriya (霧矢大夢), who played Antonius, became the top star of Tsukigumi after Sena Jun left, and I came to really like her. The other person who had really impressed me in that show was Yuuhi in the role of Cassius.

Photo from Sumire Style. Antonius (Hiromu Kiriya), left, vs. Cassius (Oozora Yuuhi) and Brutus (Sena Jun), right.

Yuuhi’s charm point, as I learned, is that her stage personality is the definition of 渋い. There’s not really a single good word for this in English—it can mean cold, astringent, or aloof—but, in the case of acting, one could sum it up as “Humphrey Bogart.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but Yuuhi is almost always cast in these kind of roles, probably because she’s so good at it. She was the perfect choice for Rick in Casablanca; she played a perfectly stoic Horatio Nelson in Trafalgar (『トラファルガー』); and, in the last play I went to see, she played Robert Jordan in For Whom the Bell Tolls with the same kind of 渋さ I’ve come to expect. (more…)


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