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Art by Angelica Alzona via Jezebel: illustration of a hooded figure with a red and black spiral under the hood (instead of a face) holds a book with the pages flying out and stands in a forest of bones. 

Ghost stories are a bit tricky: on one hand, I’m like, “Florence Cathcart here; ghosts aren’t real but science is,” and on the other, I’m like, “wow gosh it sure was nice enjoying sleeping, which I will do never again.”

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Cover for “Help! Everything in my life is turning GAY” by Sophie LaBelle. Frank is clutching his face; there’s a silhouette of a unicorn in the background.

I adore Sophie LaBelle’s comic Assigned Male, and when she announced she was making a Halloween zine (Hallowzine?), I preordered the crap out of it.

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I have seen so much of Michael Douglas’s ass in the last month. Why is this happening.


Poster for Fatal Attraction: Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher holds Glen Close as Alex Forrest; the image is torn as if a photograph ripped in two

Fatal Attraction (1987) is not as laughably bad as Basic Instinct, but it’s still bad: stereotypes about “crazy” ex-girlfriends, women having no chill in affairs or casual sex, and “women amirite.” However, my favorite part of the movie is Ellen, the small and adorable gender-nonconforming child. Faculty of Horror made fun of this child for being “gender confused,” but Ellen, along with Quincey the Dog and Whitey (yeeesh) the Rabbit, are obviously the best part of this movie, and don’t deserve the garbage their dad and Alex heap upon them.

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Image: poster for John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). A hand holds a knife with the same curve as the sections of the pumpkin on a jack-o-lantern. Text: “The night HE came home!”

Or, a Halloween veteran (me) watches Halloween again with someone who has never seen Halloween (my partner).

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Image: Illustration by Anna Bongiovanni of a queer Halloween party with two people dressed as Carol Aird, one from the novel The Price of Salt and one from the film Carol, with a nervous looking person dressed as Therese in a Santa hat.

In case you needed ideas for queer costumes for Halloween or a loving queer laugh about costumes that queer folks gravitate toward, Kayla and Anna have just the list/comic for you.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again (2016) was an experience which left me feeling both disappointed and somehow queerer. Let me explain.


Image of Laverne Cox’s spider-web leggings with the text #RockyHorror and #DontDreamItBeIt

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