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Aired Nov. 9, 2012 on TBS.

This recap contains spoilers for the drama and the manga, including the Tsunayoshi story arc (vol. 4-6 and the film Ôoku: Eien). Episode 4 recap here; manga analysis here; Ôoku category (film, manga, and drama) here.

Before I start the recap today, I did see the Ôoku: Eien movie, and damn, is it good. Sakai is much, much better suited to playing Emonnosuke, and Kanno Miho was such a great Tsunayoshi. I need to collect my thoughts (and maybe see it again), but the sets are gorgeous, the music is great, and it’s a great “sequel” to the first film.


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After Ep. 3, my will to watch this show waned a lot. Fortunately, the drama picks up more in this episode, and there are points I was willing to overlook or accept for the sake of adapting this manga for TV. Arikoto’s cross-dressing scene in Ep. 3 was not one of them, so I’m still a bit sore about that.

Warnings: spoilers for the manga and drama, including some from later episodes/chapters.

More Ôoku here.


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Ooku 2-205

Ooku, Vol. 2, p. 205

Image via TBS.

Ooku, Ep. 3. Ain’t no party like an ooku drag party… Image via TBS

Hello to my new readers from d-addicts, where my blog was linked on the Ôoku drama thread. I know I’m rather behind on the write-ups, but I do hope you enjoy them as I get them out.

Episode 2 recap here. For other past posts about the films, manga, and drama, see the Ôoku category.

Warning: spoilers, rape, violence.

I’m a great fan of stories (regardless of medium) that make me experience a range of complex and subtle emotions. Or, as one might say, something that hits me right in the feels. The events of Vol. 2, Ch. 4 in the manga–Ep. 3 in the drama (aired 26 Oct. 2012)– are the precursor to a truly epic emotional roller coaster.


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A run-down and thoughts on the drama Ôoku: Tanjô, episode 1 (aired 12 Oct. 2012 at 22:00 on TBS). Spoilers!

Arikoto (Ôoku Vol. 2, p. 81)


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The official trailers for Ôoku: Tanjô and Ôoku: Eien have both been released. (For the full index of posts on the series, see here.)

Ôoku: Tanjô (Iemitsu/Arikoto)


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